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Applying science to get leaders, teams, and organizations ready for the uncertainty of today and tomorrow.

Establish a Starting Point

We can agree if we don’t know where we are starting from, we cannot know exactly how to get to our destination.

This is why Synapse Neuro Assessment Process is Vital to your Org.

Performed by our PhDs – we will provide you objective measures to give you a 360 Degree view of the current state of each of your staff and where that fits into your organization.

Navigate and Course Correct

Just like driving a car we must make small adjustments based upon knowing

Where We are

Where exactly is our destination.

This is where our ongoing support and in-house Psychologist programs can be such great tools for your key staff.


Planning and actionare crucial to success.

Modular Programs

We also provide fantastic off the shelf programs and now offer accreditation with the Law Society of Upper Canada as well as other Canadian jurisdictions.

Happy Staff=Happy Customers

Our goal is to have your staff alligned with your company’s needs. We know this will in turn have your customers become raving fans..

What We Can Do For You

Are you an executive or a leader and want to gain an edge in business? Synapse Consulting provides business leaders with proven tools to enhance:

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